5 Signs Indicating You Need To Hire a Professional Trainer for Your Dog

Most dog owners need to go to an obedience class or hire a dog trainer at some time, whether they’d like to admit it or not.

Don’t be ashamed of that, it isn’t a bad thing at all.

It is the same as when you hire a professional to replace your roof, you need to hire a professional to help you with training your dog.

With all the information accessible on the Internet now, you can do significant minimal dog training by yourself, like crate training and housebreaking.

However, there are minor issues that can turn into big problems.

These issues may not even seem like behavior problems to you now, but they can be and they will grow into major disturbances.

To prevent it from happening, you should have a trainer available for you in any time.

So, if you notice any of the following signs, you’ll need to hire a dog trainer.

1. Pulling On Leash

This may seem like a minor behavior, but it can definitely grow into something more.

First, if your dog constantly drags you around, is uncomfortable and annoying.

But most importantly, this means you’re not in control at all and the dog will take you wherever he wants to go.

Your walk must go in your direction, not your dogs.

Heavy pulling can strain your muscles and it can even drag you to the ground.

This is dangerous for everyone around, not only you, especially when your dog will notice a strange person or another dog.

2. Jumping

We know that with jumping the dog shows their affection and love, but it’s extremely inappropriate.

Jumping may hurt.

People around you don’t want to be knocked over and scratched.

Also, this can lead to serious injuries.

Even if your dog is just friendly, making sure your dog knows that jumping on people is not an option is an essential part of dog ownership.

To be a responsible dog owner you need to show your dog ways to display love and affection that don’t hurt or scare anyone.

3. Nipping/Growling

Nipping and growling are the earliest signs of aggression in dogs.

Dogs that started with light warning nips and growls escalated into full-blown attacks.

So, most serious bites come from those nips and growls.

You need to teach your dog that behavior is unacceptable, no matter when or why the dog has nipped or growled at anyone.

This is a warning sign indicating to hire a trainer immediately since this danger could pose if it escalates.

4. Guarding Objects

Even if someone is trying to take your dog’s favorite bone, he should never bite or growl at anyone.

Resource guarding is a serious problem and should be addressed by a trainer instantly.

The dog might decide to resource guard anything from a treat, toy, bone, to bed, chair, couch, etc.

This means the dog is claiming that particular item as his or hers and will be aggressively defended if needed.

5. Door Bolting

Door bolting is a serious issue that many dog owners face.

This is considered a serious problem since it poses a safety concern to both the public and your dog.

When your dog escapes of your house, he could easily wind up in dangerous traffic or run far away.

What is more, he might be bolting to attack or chance a neighbor who jogs, mailman or another dog.

Whatever his or her reason is, the dog should know to stay inside your house unless you release him for a walk.


Maybe these behaviors seem minor at first, but they can turn into something serious quickly.

Your best choice is to hire a professional trainer at the first sign rather than wait until you, someone else or your dog is harmed.

Even if your loving dog means well, bad behavior is frowned upon and it can lead to legal issues.

Keep in mind, it’s only our responsibility to ensure our dogs are good canine neighbors!


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